Want a Custom Podcast for Your Business or Association? Jim Ray Consulting Services Offers a Turn-Key Solution, Including Development, Production and Distribution.

5 Strong Reasons You Need a Podcast

    1. Google Now Features Podcast Content in Search Results

    2. Prospective Clients Can Listen when It’s Convenient for Them

    3. Podcast Episodes Enable You to Explore Topics in Detail

    4. Episodes Can be Distributed via Your Website, Blog and Social Media

    5. Podcasting Helps Establish a Strategic Advantage over Your Competition


  • Jim Ray Consulting Services Can Handle Everything for You

Use On-Demand Audio Episodes to Connect with Your Audience and Build Credibility

Podcast Episodes Can Feature You, Your Colleagues, Satisfied Clients and More

Leverage Spoken Content to Enable Prospective Clients to Connect with You

Don’t Get Fooled by Vendors Who Simply Treat Your Podcast Episodes Like Videos. A Podcast Is Different Type of Digital Asset with Distinct Advantages – if You Know How to Leverage Them
Too Busy to Figure out How to Launch Your Podcast?
Jim Ray Consulting Services Makes Podcasting…Simple

Podcast Episodes Are Easily Distributed via Your Blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Other Platforms

easily distribute videos to your social media channels


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