What can a consultant do for you? I explain to clients that it’s easy to think of me as both an “outsource resource,” as well as a coach. Depending on the situation, you may be interested in one or both of these capacities.

I work with my individual clients to define core issues he/she wants to address, evaluate options to handle those issues, and help them to either implement them or find a team that can. Examples of this include, but are not limited to:

Business Development

Defining and targeting specific types of clients and/or areas of practice, establishing alternatives to effectively engage those clients, monitoring the success of those efforts and adapting the plan as needed.

Marketing & Sales

Evaluating the effectiveness of current efforts/tools, analyzing competitive threats & opportunities, implementing new tools (e.g. Internet, print and other media), evaluating and adjusting the tools to deliver optimum results.

Business Process

Evaluating existing processes, identifying break-downs and sub-optimal activities, redesigning work-flow operations, monitoring of processes for continued success.

Vendor Negotiations

Working on your behalf to highlight cost-reduction opportunities, identify potential vendors, evaluate proposals, make recommendations, assist with on-going vendor communications and management.

Project Management

Working in conjunction with (or independent of) you to advance specific projects toward milestones and/or completion. Rely on my firm as your “outsource resource” to ensure you and your staff maintain focus on core activities. Many of these are ad hoc projects including content creation, editing, field evaluations, fulfillment, etc.

Professional Coaching

Engaging with you to evaluate specific business decisions, discussing potential advantages/risks to you company’s brand and your “personal brand.”

Most Recent Blog Entries

The Power of Human Analytics with Michael Hall

Episode 28:  It’s my pleasure to welcome Michael Hall, Executive Advisor with Hall & Associates to discuss the topic of Human Analytics.  As Mike describes it, think of this as Moneyball for companies.  He uses analytics to help business leaders to gain valuable insights when it comes to managing, leading and inspiring employees and managers.

Human Analytics

Mike begins with a definition, from Google, that captures the essence of Human Analytics.  “The systematic identification and quantification of the human drivers of business outcomes.” 

Similar to the move Moneyball, this approach focuses heavily on analytic data, rather than the more subjective evaluations of a person’s innate wiring and likely performance in a particular role.  Mike quotes Jim Collins from his book Good to Great, the objective is to “Get the right people on the bus, get the wrong people off the bus and the right people in the right seats.”

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Has Your Law Firm Found Its Voice?

Growing your law firm in 2023 is going to be more complicated than in past years. While face to face interactions, dinners and formal presentations are effective, they take time. That’s your one asset that’s the most scarce. There are only so many opportunities to do these types of activities. It’s why firms rely on other forms of marketing, including websites, legal directories, videos and more. You need a tool, or series of tools, promoting your firm’s brand 24/7. Unfortunately, there’s a good chance you’re missing a key component.

A February article from JDSupra, highlighted excerpts from a December 2022 report, “22 Legal Marketing Statistics” by Good2BSocial. The report focused on the top 200 law firms in the US. Two stats immediately jumped out:

65% of Law Firms Have a Podcast
36% of Law Firms Have Multiple Podcasts

I found this interesting, as someone who produces custom-branded podcasts for law firms, financial and accounting professionals, healthcare professionals and others. In the Louisville market, I also service 2 law firms that actually have 2 separate podcasts.

So, the obvious question is, does your firm have a podcast? Has your law firm found its voice? If not, how much longer are you going to continue missing out on one of the most effective, content marketing tools available to you?

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