What can a consultant do for you? I explain to clients that it’s easy to think of me as both an “outsource resource,” as well as a coach. Depending on the situation, you may be interested in one or both of these capacities.

I work with my individual clients to define core issues he/she wants to address, evaluate options to handle those issues, and help them to either implement them or find a team that can. Examples of this include, but are not limited to:

Business Development

Defining and targeting specific types of clients and/or areas of practice, establishing alternatives to effectively engage those clients, monitoring the success of those efforts and adapting the plan as needed.

Marketing & Sales

Evaluating the effectiveness of current efforts/tools, analyzing competitive threats & opportunities, implementing new tools (e.g. Internet, print and other media), evaluating and adjusting the tools to deliver optimum results.

Business Process

Evaluating existing processes, identifying break-downs and sub-optimal activities, redesigning work-flow operations, monitoring of processes for continued success.

Analytics (“Metrics”) Reviews

Evaluating current metrics and data to determine ROI and overall effectiveness of marketing/advertising efforts. Defining specific metrics and reporting structures for on-going client review. Assisting in analysis and understanding of data being monitored.

Vendor Negotiations

Working on your behalf to highlight cost-reduction opportunities, identify potential vendors, evaluate proposals, make recommendations, assist with on-going vendor communications and management.

Project Management

Working in conjunction with (or independent of) you to advance specific projects toward milestones and/or completion. Rely on my firm as your “outsource resource” to ensure you and your staff maintain focus on core activities. Many of these are ad hoc projects including content creation, editing, field evaluations, fulfillment, etc.

Professional Coaching

Engaging with you to evaluate specific business decisions, discussing potential advantages/risks to you company’s brand and your “personal brand.”

Most Recent Blog Entries

Business Planning for Clarity

Have you begun your business planning for 2018? If you’re looking for a few places to start, I’d like to offer some recommendations.  The process of putting together a detailed plan is what I refer to as The 2018 Business Imperative.  There’s an old adage, “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.”  Quite frankly, we work too hard to let that be the case.

Louisville Bar Association, Jim Ray Consulting ServicesNote:  This article was originally published in the Louisville Bar Briefs (December 2018, edition, page 20)

Performing a deep dive into your key metrics, not just revenue numbers, will show you things you may have missed during the year.  Outliers are one thing, but identifying specific trends and comparing them to the assumptions you made at the start of 2017 can be quite telling.  Nonetheless, this is simply a post-mortem.  It’s historical.  We need to turn our attention to the upcoming year.

There are new markets emerging, new technologies to help you and new capabilities you’ve developed, even if it’s just because you’re a year more experienced than you were.  How can you leverage these changes (this evolution) in terms of your business as well as your clients’ businesses?  That’s the essence of effective, business planning.

Where will you invest in 2018?  I recommend you divide this into 2 key areas:  Money and Time.  In terms of your financial investment, it usually can be broken out into personnel, training and equipment.  As for your time, take a hard look at your processes.  Are you actually spending the majority of your time on the activities that generate the most cash?  If so, continue the DIY approach.  If not, it may be time to consider outsourcing or delegating.  For most of us, letting go of the reins can be one of our greatest challenges.  Remember, this may be the very decision that’s been holding us back from achieving significant progress.

One important question I’ve often asked clients is:  What are you willing to put down on paper?

In terms of business planning, I’m trying to get you to consider defining those goals, actions, activities and changes that will significantly impact your business in 2018.  More importantly, I want you to define for yourself those issues you’re willing to actually commit to, on paper.

Something interesting happens when we actually write it down.  We begin the process of visualizing the goal(s), as well as the steps necessary to achieve them.  Like any road trip, you have to begin with the destination in mind.

It’s interesting how many people don’t take their business planning to this logical step.  It’s almost as if they’re afraid of committing, because that creates the risk that they may fail in the endeavor.  Can I share a secret?  There are really only 3 outcomes in this process:

  • Growth
  • Stagnation
  • Irrelevance

Read more

Using LinkedIn’s Native Video

Linkedin's native video capability

I posted a brief video to introduce LinkedIn’s native video capability on October 24th.  During those comments, I committed to providing a summary of some of the things I learned.  I hope you’ll find this information helpful.

Online video has been a growing trend in marketing and branding for years.  It continues to build momentum across the country.  Small firms are using it to leapfrog larger, more established firms.  The large firms are also beginning to embrace it, depending on their perceived needs.

If you’ve worked with me at all over the past years, you’ll know I’ve been a strong proponent of this aspect of an effective marketing campaign.  Now, LinkedIn just reinforced that view on both it’s mobile and desktop versions.  So, let’s explore what LinkedIn’s native video is all about and what it can do for you. Read more

Why Consulting?

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What my clients say

We knew something wasn’t working with our current marketing efforts. Jim is the first person who could give us a straight answer that actually made sense.
Andrea Wasson
Louisville, KY / Wasson & Thornhill, PLLC
Trust is earned in my world. Over the years, I've learned to trust Jim, implicitly.
Timothy Denison
Louisville, KY / Attorney at Law
I trust Jim because I know he always has my best interest in mind. We have a long history of working together, successfully.
Stanley E. Robison, Jr.
New Albany, IN / The Law Office of Stanley E. Robison, Jr.
I trusted him so much that I eventually hired him as the Director of my firm. Jim's strongest asset is personal integrity.
Jack Tolliver
Louisville, KY / The Law Firm of Jack Tolliver, MD & Associates, PLLC
I strongly recommend Jim...He has a wealth of knowledge and experience.
Scott F. Scheynost
Louisville, KY / Scheynost Law Offices, P.S.C.


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