What can a consultant do for you? I explain to clients that it’s easy to think of me as both an “outsource resource,” as well as a coach. Depending on the situation, you may be interested in one or both of these capacities.

I work with my individual clients to define core issues he/she wants to address, evaluate options to handle those issues, and help them to either implement them or find a team that can. Examples of this include, but are not limited to:

Business Development

Defining and targeting specific types of clients and/or areas of practice, establishing alternatives to effectively engage those clients, monitoring the success of those efforts and adapting the plan as needed.

Marketing & Sales

Evaluating the effectiveness of current efforts/tools, analyzing competitive threats & opportunities, implementing new tools (e.g. Internet, print and other media), evaluating and adjusting the tools to deliver optimum results.

Business Process

Evaluating existing processes, identifying break-downs and sub-optimal activities, redesigning work-flow operations, monitoring of processes for continued success.

Analytics (“Metrics”) Reviews

Evaluating current metrics and data to determine ROI and overall effectiveness of marketing/advertising efforts. Defining specific metrics and reporting structures for on-going client review. Assisting in analysis and understanding of data being monitored.

Vendor Negotiations

Working on your behalf to highlight cost-reduction opportunities, identify potential vendors, evaluate proposals, make recommendations, assist with on-going vendor communications and management.

Project Management

Working in conjunction with (or independent of) you to advance specific projects toward milestones and/or completion. Rely on my firm as your “outsource resource” to ensure you and your staff maintain focus on core activities. Many of these are ad hoc projects including content creation, editing, field evaluations, fulfillment, etc.

Professional Coaching

Engaging with you to evaluate specific business decisions, discussing potential advantages/risks to you company’s brand and your “personal brand.”

Most Recent Blog Entries

What’s Your Business Mindset?

Ever hear someone comment, “Attitude is everything”? It’s actually true in many situations. Your attitude impacts your success in sports, in your relationships, and especially in your profession. Attitude, however, is not the only thing. See, you can feel confident about your practice – even optimistic (those are attitudes). What I know to be more important is your mindset. Your business mindset encompasses much more.

Having the proper mindset requires that you focus on at least three areas, consistently.

The first area is structure.

Have you reviewed your internal processes lately?   If you agree change is inevitable, then realize things changed last year. You’ll be more successful this year if time is allocated for re-examining how you and your staff structure the work day and week. You might discover that what worked in the past, might not be as productive today.  Consider technology, personal habits and client preferences.

Step outside of “working in” your practice to “work on” your practice.

A few adjustments early on can have a substantial impact on productivity, communication and revenue. Each of those gains will definitely affect your attitude. It simply requires the proper business mindset to accept and commit to evolving your practice.

Note:  My article was originally published in the Louisville Bar Association’s Bar Briefs (February edition, page 10). Read more

Checking Your Mental Baggage

Mental Baggage Jim Ray Consulting ServicesCongratulations!  You’re about to wrap up another year.  Hopefully, it was productive and profitable.  I’m proud to say my firm had another year of double-digit growth.  If your 2016 was strong, you probably had a solid business plan in place.  Much of the consulting work I did for my clients, focused on practice management.  It was especially true for my solo practitioners.

Note:  My article was originally published by the Louisville Bar Association (Bar Briefs, December 2016, Page 7).

If you’ve ever taken a family vacation, you know how difficult it can be to lug all of your baggage to the car and through the airport.  Once you’ve handed it off at the counter, there’s an instant feeling of relief.  There’s freedom in checking your mental baggage as well.

If you feel as if you’re lugging too much mental baggage (it’s easy to do if you’re running a practice), consider a technique I use with many of my clients.

Find the biggest white board you have and divide it into 3 vertical columns:  Admin, Lawyering and Building.  Your goal is to offload all of that mental baggage.  It’ll help you to visualize areas/tasks that are weighing you down.  At the same time, simply capturing those problem areas is the 1st step to bringing a little order to the chaos. Read more

Why Consulting?

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What my clients say

We knew something wasn’t working with our current marketing efforts. Jim is the first person who could give us a straight answer that actually made sense.
Andrea Wasson
Louisville, KY / Wasson & Thornhill, PLLC
Trust is earned in my world. Over the years, I've learned to trust Jim, implicitly.
Timothy Denison
Louisville, KY / Attorney at Law
I trust Jim because I know he always has my best interest in mind. We have a long history of working together, successfully.
Stanley E. Robison, Jr.
New Albany, IN / The Law Office of Stanley E. Robison, Jr.
I trusted him so much that I eventually hired him as the Director of my firm. Jim's strongest asset is personal integrity.
Jack Tolliver
Louisville, KY / The Law Firm of Jack Tolliver, MD & Associates, PLLC
I strongly recommend Jim...He has a wealth of knowledge and experience.
Scott F. Scheynost
Louisville, KY / Scheynost Law Offices, P.S.C.


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