What can a consultant do for you? I explain to clients that it’s easy to think of me as both an “outsource resource,” as well as a coach. Depending on the situation, you may be interested in one or both of these capacities.

I work with my individual clients to define core issues he/she wants to address, evaluate options to handle those issues, and help them to either implement them or find a team that can. Examples of this include, but are not limited to:

Business Development

Defining and targeting specific types of clients and/or areas of practice, establishing alternatives to effectively engage those clients, monitoring the success of those efforts and adapting the plan as needed.

Marketing & Sales

Evaluating the effectiveness of current efforts/tools, analyzing competitive threats & opportunities, implementing new tools (e.g. Internet, print and other media), evaluating and adjusting the tools to deliver optimum results.

Business Process

Evaluating existing processes, identifying break-downs and sub-optimal activities, redesigning work-flow operations, monitoring of processes for continued success.

Analytics (“Metrics”) Reviews

Evaluating current metrics and data to determine ROI and overall effectiveness of marketing/advertising efforts. Defining specific metrics and reporting structures for on-going client review. Assisting in analysis and understanding of data being monitored.

Vendor Negotiations

Working on your behalf to highlight cost-reduction opportunities, identify potential vendors, evaluate proposals, make recommendations, assist with on-going vendor communications and management.

Project Management

Working in conjunction with (or independent of) you to advance specific projects toward milestones and/or completion. Rely on my firm as your “outsource resource” to ensure you and your staff maintain focus on core activities. Many of these are ad hoc projects including content creation, editing, field evaluations, fulfillment, etc.

Professional Coaching

Engaging with you to evaluate specific business decisions, discussing potential advantages/risks to you company’s brand and your “personal brand.”

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Sell the Problem You Solve, Not Your Product

I read the above statement in a recent LinkedIn article.  It’s more relevant than many professionals realize.  The role I take on with many of my clients is that of business coach.  Much of what I do involves client perceptions.  This article deals with a common issue – “How others view your practice.”

Note:  This article appears in the Louisville Bar Association’s Bar Briefs (November Edition, Page 10)

Louisville Bar Association, Jim Ray Consulting Services Problem You SolveAccording to the LBA, there were approximately 4,656 licensed attorneys in Jefferson County during the spring of 2016. That equates to only 165 people in our community, per each attorney (Nielsen Company Data, 2016 Jefferson County, KY).  It includes adults and children.  This is a crowded and competitive market.

Many of us are focused on growing respective businesses. That objective requires that we differentiate ourselves in the minds of our target audiences.

One way to do this is by defining your firm’s benefit statement. Simply put, this explains what you have to offer. All too often, many professionals choose to stop there. A more effective approach is to communicate in terms of the problems (the pain points) you could resolve. To iterate the title of this article, “Sell the problem you solve, not y0ur product.”

Luckily for all of us, our clients remind us of these problems every day. Pull out one of your most recent client intake forms. Look specifically for questions your prospective client asked.

Most likely, those questions stemmed from concerns (even fears) that person wants to resolve.

The more easily people make the connection between their problems and you, the person who can resolve them, the closer you are to landing a new client – which, by the way, may be the problem you’re trying to solve for your own practice.

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Video with Voiceover is a Marketing Option

If you’ve followed me over the past several years, you know I’m a strong proponent of utilizing video in your marketing efforts. But what if you don’t want to be on camera? You can still take advantage of video and the benefits of video SEO.  Video with voiceover is a marketing option you should consider.

In its simplest form, think of a screen cast that shows still images (e.g. your logo, photos, etc.) and features your voice as you narrate the video.

This option allows you take full advantage of the video format.  Clients and prospective clients can listen to your advice or perspective.  You’ll be leveraging “rich media” which is a benefit for Google search.  Quite honestly, one of the reasons video works is that it’s easier to consume than a page of written text.

Video with voiceover provides another asset to complement your existing marketing tools.

  • You can upload the video to your firm’s YouTube channel.
  • It can be posted on your blog.
  • You can also upload it to your various social media channels (e.g. LinkedIn and Facebook).
  • These steps provide additional targets for Google to find, index and feature in search results.

One of my clients, Greg Blakemore of The Nehemiah Group, was interviewed about his company.  He asked me if there was a way we could use this material.  He has a very compelling story about how and why he launched his business.  It provides some terrific insights into the ethos of his business.

We decided against uploading an hour-long interview.  The truth is most people wouldn’t listen to the entire recording.  Instead, we segmented his story into multiple parts.  Most of them last between 2-4 minutes.  There’s much better chance that people will be willing to listen to a short clip.  It may compel them to actually listen to a few additional segments.

We’re rolling out the video with voiceover segments over a period of time.  Dumping large batches of data typically won’t yield lasting results with the search engines.  It’s usually better to trickle out the content.  In Greg’s case, we’ve decided to launch this series on YouTube, Facebook and Linkedin.

I’ve done several videos with Greg, but we’re excited to see how the video with voiceover approach performs.  Here’s his 1st in an 9-video series about his company:





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We knew something wasn’t working with our current marketing efforts. Jim is the first person who could give us a straight answer that actually made sense.
Andrea Wasson
Louisville, KY / Wasson & Thornhill, PLLC
Trust is earned in my world. Over the years, I've learned to trust Jim, implicitly.
Timothy Denison
Louisville, KY / Attorney at Law
I trust Jim because I know he always has my best interest in mind. We have a long history of working together, successfully.
Stanley E. Robison, Jr.
New Albany, IN / The Law Office of Stanley E. Robison, Jr.
I trusted him so much that I eventually hired him as the Director of my firm. Jim's strongest asset is personal integrity.
Jack Tolliver
Louisville, KY / The Law Firm of Jack Tolliver, MD & Associates, PLLC
I strongly recommend Jim...He has a wealth of knowledge and experience.
Scott F. Scheynost
Louisville, KY / Scheynost Law Offices, P.S.C.


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